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How Your Money Can Help


YBTC do not receive any government funding, so we rely on the incredible support from people like you to continue our vital work.


Here is what your incredible donations could be funding:

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Could fund the cost of someone attending our peer support group


The cost of someone attending one of our peer support walks

Could fund the cost of two people enjoying a peer support walk



The cost of running our support line for half a day


Could fund a carer or patient counselling session


The cost of running our telephone support line for one day


The cost of funding innovative Yorkshire based research for one day


Could fund a grant to a patient to support them financially

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Please help us make the most of your donation. We are able to claim back tax on any donation a tax payer makes, the only requirement being that you must pay an amount of tax equal to the amount that we can claim back.

Find out more about Gift Aid

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